Our mission is to help people like you come into alignment with their inner truth to live a more authentic and happier life. By creating clarity and awareness on unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs and blocks, you will tap into new possibilities and inner resources to pave the path towards your desired life.

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Personal Life Coaching

It helps create a more fulfilling life by providing clarity and greater focus on the most important areas of your life, for example increasing self-confidence, having better relationships, improving communication skills, personal growth, identifying limiting beliefs, overcoming procrastination, making better decisions or creating financial stability.

It is for you if you are ready to break out of old patterns and would like to reach your true potential in any area of your life.

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Business & Career Coaching

It offers you several tools as an entrepreneur as well as an employee. It is a powerful method if you are considering a career change, wish to find your purpose and a more fulfilling career, improve your leadership skills, start your own business, overcome a business challenge, have a good work-life balance or prepare for retirement.

It is for you if you are dealing with work-related challenges or aim for a new professional goal.

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Health & Wellbeing Coaching

It helps optimize your health through lasting positive lifestyle changes. For example, it can help resolve the root cause of your symptoms, break free from endless dieting, cravings & digestive discomfort, manage stress & anxiety, reach peak energy & emotional balance or adapt a self-care routine.

It is for you if you are ready to make healthy shifts to experience vitality and learn how to nourish your body, mind & soul.

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Clients said about us

‘Eszter provided some much needed insights into what was causing my work related stress, and she provided a variety of techniques to help me on the path to first overcoming the stress but more importantly equipping me to prevail over future stress. She also helped me identify the poor lifestyle habits that worsened the impact of stress, and again provided the tools I needed to swap those habits out for healthier choices. Eszter is a kind and compassionate individual, and a great listener. I can highly recommend her services to anyone who feels they are succumbing to the fast paced lives we tend to live today.’

– Max, Information Technology

‘Bernadett helped me achieve, and then quickly exceed my inital goals by helping me to understand what the strengths and weaknesses are of my business model, and to expand on them accordingly. The most significant change was the increase in clients, and having much more clear bank of strategies to grow my business. I was very impressed by Bernadett’s ability to provide specific and non-specific guidance. Truly, she can be helpful in almost any field and endeavour. She is incredibly wise, and a pleasure to work with.’

– Lucas, Business Owner

‘Eszter is always super well prepared and pays full attention to her coachee. She helped me work on many of my stress factors both in personal and professional life. She gave me several tools during the coaching program which enabled me to look at my challenges from different perspectives. Throughout the sessions I became much more confident, positive and conscious about how I tackle difficulties in my life, and by the end of the coaching program my mental wellbeing significantly improved. I can easily use these tools whenever I face future challenges.’

– Kitti, Brand Manager

‘Bernadett helped me to not only think about what I wanted, but also what tools and opportunities I already had within reach that I could use to achieve my goals. I felt supported, encouraged and ultimately more confident as time went on. I left with 3 real life goals accomplished, including a new enthusiasm for my fitness regime and a refreshed focus on my career.’

-Alice, Brand Strategist

‘In our sessions, Eszter creates the space for self-discovery with thoughtful questions and allows for the safe exploration of quite difficult topics at times. Each session I leave with a fresh perspective, and, over time, I can see the benefits of the sessions both on my personal and professional lives; feeling more assured, confident and comfortable. After a year of coaching with Eszter, I would recommend her services to anyone.’
– Ben, Social Entrepreneur

‘I love working with Bernadett: it’s honest, simple and authentic with her.

She asks the hard questions, the ones you know you need to ask yourself & answer to be able to move forward. She’s really helped me focus on a few areas of my professional life, helped me to create an action plan and making me accountable for the change.’

-Sophie, Customer Experience Director

‘Eszter is a great coach, she understands very well the individual needs and expectations, and is an outstanding mentor with great experience. Eszter uses a lot of science to substantiate her recommendations, is innovative, organized, helpful and always open to new challenges. She has helped me improve and reflect more on my daily routines and taught me how to be more conscious of my eating habits. It was a pleasure to be coached by her and I am sure she can help also others make improvements in their wellbeing.’

– Nora, Regional Marketing Manager

‘Eszter helped me take a step back to look at my lifestyle and eating habits, and we defined together some simple objectives to work on to adapt my lifestyle and create a routine that suited me while being practical. Eszter has a very nice personality, is gentle but knows how to ask the right questions to make you reflect and see things differently. She offers also a very good listening ear and is 100% present during sessions, something that I really appreciated.

I would recommend Eszter to anyone who is willing to make positive changes in their lives and want that extra support.’

– Christelle, Marketing, Communication & Design Consultant

‘I loved working with Bernadett in the past 6 months, she is a helpful, honest, and authentic coach. She supported me to stay persistent and take myself accountable for the changes I want in my life. I was suffering a lot in my job, however she helped me to put my professional life in a new perspective and set an action plan to reach positive changes. I am much more confident about myself and my career as I was before; I also have much more clarity in what direction I want to lead my career and how I can execute it.’

– Kitti, Brand Manager

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